Visual Motor Activities for Dysgraphia and Dyspraxia

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Fine motor activities


Visual-Motor Activities (digital download - usable on a computer or iPad) was created for kids and older individuals with weak visual motor (VM) or fine motor (FM) skills, so they can reach proficiency while having fun. VM or FM is the ability to use one's hands in a proficient, coordinated way and demonstrate small, precise movements in coordination with the eyes. Those that struggle with this may have difficulty with pencil grip, forming letters, proper letter and word spacing, coloring in the lines, drawing, and linear writing across the page to name a few. FM skills develop gradually, and they improve at different rates and times for each individual. Therefore, anyone that wishes to exercise and improve FM skills can benefit from this publication. With repeated use, it can be used as an excellent remedial tool.

The publication is 99 pages and offers a variety of fun activities to strengthen this needed skill.

What Diagnoses Does This Publication Accommodate?

  • Dyslexia: Many, but not all students with dyslexia exhibit FM weaknesses.
  • Dysgraphia: Weak FM skills is a signature deficit for this particular diagnosis.
  • Dyspraxia: Both fine and gross motor skills are common symptoms of dyspraxia.
  • Head Injuries: Some head injuries can impact FM abilities.
  • Autism: Varying degrees of FM difficulty can also impact those with autism.
  • ADD: Some individuals with attentional problems also struggle with FM skills. 

Who Can Use This Publication?

  • Occupational therapists
  • Educational therapists and learning specialists
  • Teachers and tutors
  • Parents
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapists
  • Play therapists
  • Vision Therapists

What other cognitive processing areas are strengthened with these activities?

  • Processing speed
  • Visual processing
  • Visual reasoning skills
  • Executive functioning skills
  • Working memory

How to use this publication:

  • Complete these activities on a computer or tablet. See the image below to learn how.
  • Purchase dry erase pockets, print the activities in color, and let students practice the pages over and over again.
  • Print the sheets in color and let your student(s) complete the pages.
Flow chart of how to make a pdf usable on a computer or iPad

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