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This downloadable, 132-page, PDF document provides the research that supports visualization for education, assessments, as well as activities and games.  It can be used to instruct students on how to develop and deepen their visualization abilities for optimal learning, or students that have a blind mind's eye can learn how to develop this skill. The product offers both quantitative and qualitative assessment tools, more than twenty game-like activities, instruction recommendations in all academic areas as well as vocabulary development. It is a comprehensive, multisensory resource that offers tools for success.  To learn more about this product and the research behind it, you can read my blog on this topic  http://learningspecialistmaterials.blogspot.com/2015/04/the-key-to-improved-attention-and.html 

What Does it Mean to Visualize?

Visualization is the ability to create mental images within one’s own head. The imaginary pictures enable us to see experiences from the past, conjure ideas in the present, or even projection visual into the future. The imagery created in the mind can happen spontaneously or they can be induced through instruction or suggestion.  

Why is Visualization Important in Education?

I often call visualization a "secret weapon for learning."  It is an important skill to master as it enhances memory, makes reading come alive, and can help to paint mental pictures that can then be described in writing.  Visualization can also be used to imagine historical events, and can even be used for mathematical computations and scientific explorations.  Finally, working memory is often suggested to be the number one indicator of academic success.  Did you know that working memory is made up of one's inner voice and visualizations?

Clearly, visualization is a vital skill, and now you can help your students expand their abilities and utilize their mind's eye for academic success.

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