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Working Memory, Hemisphere Integration, Sequencing, and Attention Building Activities - Beginners

Explore the 51-page digital workbook packed with multisensory, game-inspired activities designed specifically for young learners. "Working Memory, Hemisphere Integration, Sequencing, and Attention Building Activities - Beginners" offers:

  • Mindful Engagement: Techniques that teach learners to be fully present, ensuring a focused and immersive learning experience.

  • Brain Hemisphere Activation: Activities that promote the seamless integration of both brain hemispheres, balancing analytical and creative thinking.

  • Visual Working Memory Tasks: Engaging exercises that strengthen executive functioning skills, catering especially to learners who find traditional methods challenging.

  • Attention and Mental Flexibility: Strategies that nurture attention span, cognitive adaptability, and memory enhancement.

These "brain games" serve as versatile tools, whether used for cognitive remediation, integrated into learning centers, or as warm-ups to prepare the brain for optimal performance. While the workbook is tailored for ages 5-8, it's also beneficial for older students in need of foundational skill remediation.

Is Working Memory Important?

Working memory is an executive functioning skill and part of the short-term memory.  It involves immediate, conscious, perceptual, and language processing. In addition, working memory enables one to attend to and perform mental manipulations and calculations.

Working Memory Activities that Work!

Are you looking for ways to improve working memory for elementary kids or for older students that have deficits in working memory?  These activities were created based on the research, and they are popular activities used by educational therapists, learning specialists, and other therapists.  Even homeschoolers, tutors, and parents can either print these fun pages or make them interactive on a tablet by using Zoom or drawing tools!

If you would like to learn about Dr. Warren's more advanced activities or a discounted bundle that offers both publications, click on the following pages:

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