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Explore the comprehensive Following Directions Mega Bundle, which consolidates all of Dr. Warren's following directions activities at a special discounted rate. This extensive collection is designed to enhance foundational language processing skills in a dynamic and engaging way.

Core Skills Developed:

  • Listening: Improves the ability to listen actively and follow through on instructions.
  • Following Directions: Strengthens the capacity to follow both written and oral directions accurately.
  • Understanding Test Questions: Enhances comprehension of test and quiz questions for better academic performance.
  • Interpreting Multiple-Choice Items: Aids in deciphering and choosing correct answers in multiple-choice settings.

Additionally, this series is instrumental in developing critical cognitive skills, including spatial awareness, sequential processing, memory, attention, and executive functioning.

Bundle Contents:

The Mega Bundle includes a variety of resources, ensuring a comprehensive toolset for improving direction-following skills:

  • Following Directions Primary
  • Following Directions Beginners
  • Following Directions Intermediate
  • Seasonal Activities: Special holiday-themed following directions activities to keep learning fun and relevant throughout the year:
    • Thanksgiving
    • Easter
    • Christmas
    • Halloween
    • Valentine’s Day
    • St. Patrick’s Day

Click here to learn more about each publication.

This bundle is an excellent resource for educators, therapists, and parents looking to support the development of essential language and cognitive skills in a fun, engaging manner. Whether for classroom use or home practice, the Following Directions Mega Bundle offers valuable tools for fostering significant educational growth.

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