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Discover the comprehensive "Following Directions Bundle," a curated collection of three expertly designed products aimed at enhancing language processing skills in learners. Offered at a special discounted price, this digital series promises engaging activities that cater to a wide range of abilities.  


Explore into a variety of game-like activities that focus on:

  • Listening Skills: Train students to attentively absorb information.
  • Written/Oral Directions: Equip learners with the capability to understand and act upon given instructions.
  • Test Question Interpretation: Demystify exam questions for better comprehension.
  • Multiple-choice Mastery: Decode the nuances of multiple-choice items.
  • Linguistic Cues: Understand and respond to subtle linguistic signals.
  • Holistic Skill Development: Boost spatial, sequential, memory, attentional, and executive functioning abilities.

The activities cater to a spectrum of learners, from beginners to intermediates. Designed to be inclusive, even preschool students or those yet to develop reading skills can benefit, provided a teacher or parent reads the directives aloud. Engage students with delightful drawing tasks, intriguing mazes, and elimination-based games that they will undoubtedly adore!

Importance of Teaching Students to Follow Directions

The ability to follow directions is not just a classroom requisite but a life skill. It instills discipline, attentiveness, and a keen understanding of tasks at hand. By teaching students to meticulously follow instructions, we prepare them for structured learning, successful task completion, and a smoother transition to professional environments in the future. Moreover, it lays the groundwork for independent learning and self-reliance.

Explore the Bundle

Dive deeper into the specifics of each product included in this bundle:

Equip your students with the essential skill of following directions and witness their academic and personal growth with the "Following Directions Bundle."
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