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Subtleties in language can be a challenging skill to master. The wording in directions and multiple-choice questions is a struggle for many young learners. This publication was created for students that need to learn how to follow directions, interpret questions and understand the subtleties of linguistic cues.

Beginners Workbook For Following Directions

This beginners workbook offers a colorful digital download that was designed and student tested to offer fun and engaging activities that strengthen language processing skills. The activities in this publication include:

  • Follow Directions and Draw: These activities ask students to follow a series of directions to complete or add details to images that are presented in a grid.
  • What am I?: These activities ask students to follow a series of directions to slowly eliminate characters or objects that are presented in a grid until there is only one that remains. 

Why are Following Directions Skills Important?

This product was created to help students develop the capacity to listen, follow written directions, understand test questions, and interpret multiple-choice items. It also develops mental flexibility, attention to detail, vocabulary, spatial and sequential memory, as well as attentional and executive functioning skills. 

Why is it Important to Make the Learning Process Fun?

Working as a learning specialist for many years, I have discovered that making the learning process fun and entertaining is key for engagement and motivation. Consequently, this workbook was created for my students and others like them that enjoy learning through games.

What Cognitive Skills are Strengthened in this Publication?

By using these materials, students will strengthen the following areas of cognition:

  • Language Skills
  • Sequential Processing
  • Spatial Abilities
  • Memory
  • Attention
  • Executive Functioning 
  • Attention to Detail
  • Visual Processing

What Grade Levels Are Served by This Publication?

The workbook is appropriate for elementary through middle school-age children.  It can also be used with older students that have language-based learning disabilities.

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