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Erica Warren LLC Good Sensory Learning and Dyslexia Materials

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Just updated in 2016, this 118 page, digital download presents strategies and methods that help to guide, structure, and support students in the areas of planning, time management, and organization - commonly known as executive functioning skills. Materials and handouts help with the recording of homework assignments, planning for long-term assignments, writing, reading, math, motivation, memory strategies, test taking and more. In addition, Dr. Warren offers an additional Word document that will allow you to make changes to the many planner templates.  Executive functioning is a cognitive process that is not fully developed until the age of about 20 and helping students that struggle in this area is often a challenge. More and more students are described with this difficulty, executive functioning disorder, and this publication offers them strategies for success.

Each purchase is a single license, for a single teacher.  If additional teachers wish to use the product, please purchase additional copies.  Thank you!


 Executive Functioning What is it?

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