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Visual Processing Activities Online Library for Students with Dyslexia & LDs

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Discover a vast array of over 500 creative activities in our Resource Library, designed to bolster visual processing skills for all ages, from children to adults. Ideal for one-ton-one online and in-person sessions, this library serves as a key therapy tool in enhancing visual perception.

Understanding Visual Processing:

Visual processing occurs in the brain, enabling us to interpret and find meaning in visual images. It's crucial for learning, aiding in the development of skills like visual discrimination and matching, essential for reading, math, and more.

Getting Started:

Ensure any visual struggles aren't due to eyesight issues by consulting a healthcare professional. Once cleared, these resources are excellent for strengthening visual processing, tracking, and processing speed.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Administrators: Encourage users to maintain focus on the screen to enhance comparison and understanding. Using a finger to follow text or images can be beneficial.
  • Preparation: Utilize the Growth Tracker from Module 2 to monitor activity completion.
  • Students: Engage in enjoyable visual puzzles to improve visual processing, crucial for effective learning.

Who Benefits?

Suitable for learning specialists, educational therapists, speech and language pathologists, teachers, practitioners, and homeschooling parents.

Optimal Use:

These resources are versatile for use in various settings, accompanied by a Growth Tracker to monitor progress.


  • Centralized access to activities.
  • Progress tracking with free printables.
  • Saves on printing costs and reduces clutter.
  • Ready-to-use materials simplify preparation.

Target Audience:

Activities are catered to preschoolers through to adults, covering a broad range of educational needs.

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