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My working memory screener has been integrated in the new Executive Functioning Competency Screener. It's no longer a paper and pencil task.  Instead you can take it online and get immediate results.  CLICK HERE to learn more.

Although many parents and educators don't know much about working memory, it is now claimed to be the best indicator of academic success.  

Working Memory: What is It?

Working memory allows us to process and solve problems in our minds. It is a complex process that involves a number of cognitive skills working in concert. Executive functions act as a conductor of two main processes that enable working memory: 

  1. Visual-spatial sketchpad (VSS). The VSS allows us to use our mind's eye to form mental images. 
  2. Phonological loop (PL). The PL offers an internal dialogue that rehearses the problem we are trying to solve.
Information from the VSS and the PL join together in the episodic buffer or present consciousness, and again, with the help of executive functions shares information follow both into and out of long-term memory. 

How Can We Determine if One has Working Memory Weaknesses?

One can always pursue a comprehensive psycho-educational evaluation to assess working memory as well as other cognitive processing areas that may be causing learning difficulties, however, this can be a time-consuming and expensive process.  If you would like to take some quick screeners to determine the likelihood of some common learning issues, we offer four screeners here at Good Sensory Learning:

  1. Dyslexia Screener (CDS)
  2. Executive Functioning Screener (EFCS)
  3. Working Memory Screener (working memory is now assessed in the EFCS) 
  4. Dysgraphia Screener

Can Working Memory be Strengthened?

The best way to enhance working memory is to:

  1. develop metacognition or the awareness of your own thought processes and take an active and present role in the learning process.
  2. conduct exercises that help to strengthen the foundational skills that make-up working memory.

We offer a suite of products that can help.  Click here to learn about all our products that help to strengthen working memory.

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