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Understanding Working Memory: A Key to Academic Success

Join Dr. Erica Warren for an insightful workshop that explores the crucial role of working memory in academic achievement—a more significant indicator of success than IQ. This comprehensive online course is accessible for an entire year (365 days), providing ample time to engage with the material at your own pace.

Course Outline and Key Features

  • Introduction to Working Memory: Discover what working memory is and why it's crucial for learning and development.

  • Components of Working Memory:

    • Sensory Input and Memory: How sensory information is briefly retained.
    • Short-Term Memory: The gateway to processing and retaining information.
    • Alan Baddeley’s Model: An in-depth look at the multifaceted structure of working memory:
      • Central Executive: Directs attention and coordinates activities.
      • Visuospatial Sketchpad: Manages visual and spatial data.
      • Phonological Loop: Handles verbal and auditory information.
      • Episodic Buffer: Integrates information across domains to form coherent episodes.
    • Long-Term Memory: Understanding its interaction with working memory.
  • Exploratory Video: A concise video featuring researcher Alan Baddeley explaining the episodic buffer.

  • Functional Aspects of Working Memory:

    • Purpose and Use: How working memory serves us in daily and academic activities.
    • Connection to Executive Functions: Explore how working memory employs executive functioning to solve problems and process information.
    • Identification of Challenges: Recognize symptoms and model problems associated with working memory issues.
  • Practical Applications:

    • Screening Tool: Introduction to Dr. Warren's $10.00 screener for identifying working memory challenges.
    • Importance and Development: The critical role of working memory throughout different stages of life.
    • Enhancing Strategies: Effective memory strategies and techniques to improve working memory:
      • Visualization: Using mental images to strengthen memory.
      • Metacognition: Understanding one's own thought processes.
      • Inner Voice: Utilizing internal dialogue to guide thinking and learning.
    • Product Recommendations: GSL products designed to train and develop working memory skills.

Additional Resources

  • Downloadable Handouts: Enhance your learning experience with a variety of handouts that complement the course material, providing additional information and practical tips.

This workshop is an essential resource for educators, students, parents, and professionals seeking to understand and improve working memory capabilities. Dr. Erica Warren’s expert guidance will equip you with the knowledge and tools to harness the power of working memory for academic and personal success.

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Elizabeth S.

I absolutely loved this training. Very clear and informative and I’ve already incorporated my new knowledge into my SaLT session plans.