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Multisensory Learning Workshop


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Multisensory Learning: Accommodating Each Child's Best Ways of Processing Information

This workshop by Dr. Erica Warren presents a 40-minute zoom presentation.   You will have access to the course for 365 days. 

The workshop covers:

  • Definition of multisensory learning and teaching
  • Discussion about the 12 Ways of Learning
    • Visual
    • Auditory
    • Tactile
    • Kinesthetic
    • Sequential
    • Simultaneous
    • Reflective/Logical
    • Verbal
    • Interactive
    • Indirect
    • Direct
    • Rhythmic Melodic
  • Assessing or evaluating a student's best ways of learning
  • Addressing unique learning profiles
  • Instruction suggestions
  • Assignment ideas
  • Accommodating all learners

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