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Spelling Instruction| Remedial Approach | Good Sensory Learning


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Spelling Instruction: Assessment and Remedial Approach offers instruction on the causes of and solutions to spelling problems.  In addition, it includes and shows you how to use the Good Sensory Spelling Assessment.  This evaluation provides a variety of instructional methods and materials that can assist teachers, tutors, learning specialists, educational therapists, and parents meet the specific needs of each struggling speller. Furthermore, a companion journal also presents additional links and resources. 

This comprehensive course Includes:

  • 2 instructional videos: Evaluating the Cause and Defining the Solution
  • 2 downloadable products: Good Sensory Learning Spelling Assessment and Remedial Approach and the Companion Journal to Spelling Instruction

This is an evergreen course, that is updated as needed, and you will always have lifetime access to the videos and resources.

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