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I'm so confident in this publication, that I'm willing to give you a full refund if you don't love it.  You have nothing to lose!

Multisensory Multiplication and Division to Melodies (MMDM) offers audio and a text product in one. These multiplication materials make learning math facts both fun and multisensory.  We use a number of strategies:

  • Skip counting to melodies: The audio portion presents children skip counting to popular melodies and a karaoke version is also included without the kids singing.  
  • Fun text-based activities and instruction: The audio clips should be used with the text, which offers a new, multisensory method with embedded strategies.  Coloring activities, mazes, innovative handouts, multi-sensory recommendations, and multiplication games will entice young learners through the process.  
  • Multisensory Instruction: All learning styles are addressed, so students can quickly learn challenging multiplication and division problems. The approach will also prepare students for least common multiples. Whether your students or kids have been struggling, or they are attempting to learn these facts for the first time, MMDM is a priceless tool that presents a variety of proven strategies.

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