Developing Executive Functions & Study Strategies: A Comprehensive Approach

Developing Executive Functions & Study Strategies: A Comprehensive Approach

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Overview of Dr. Warren’s Executive Functioning Coaching Course

Dr. Warren's teaching approach to executive functioning skills is meticulously designed to be both structured and concrete, making complex cognitive processes accessible and manageable. This course uses a blend of explicit instruction, direct teaching, and systematic learning resources including videos, assessments, handouts, and practical activities to foster essential executive skills in students.

Core Skills Developed

  • Encoding and Retrieval: Techniques to enhance memory by effectively storing and recalling information from long-term memory.
  • Focus and Inhibition: Strategies to minimize distractions and maintain focus on tasks.
  • Cognitive Flexibility: Exercises to improve the ability to shift tasks and adapt perspectives seamlessly.
  • Active Listening: Methods to improve information absorption and understanding through better listening skills.
  • Self-Awareness and Emotional Regulation: Guidance on recognizing personal emotions and managing them effectively.

Building Advanced Aptitudes

Students will learn to apply these foundational skills to higher-level executive functions such as:

  • Time Management and Planning: Structuring time efficiently to manage workload.
  • Organizational Skills: Techniques for organizing materials and information logically.
  • Advanced Processing Skills: Developing capabilities for complex cognitive tasks.  

Practical Applications and Outcomes

The course provides direct applications that include structured study habits, lifestyle hacks, and memory strategies, all aimed at optimizing students' capabilities and academic potential. The ultimate goal is to enhance classroom behavior and boost academic performance by equipping educators, parents, practitioners, and students with effective tools and strategies.

Course Format and Resources

This comprehensive coaching course is subscription-based, allowing flexibility in participation with the option to discontinue at any time. It includes a rich library of videos, presentations, assessments, and handouts that are directly applicable in educational settings.

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