Developing Executive Functions & Study Strategies: A Comprehensive Approach

Developing Executive Functions & Study Strategies: A Comprehensive Approach

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Dr. Warren’s approach to teaching executive functioning skills is a highly structured and concrete process that breaks cognitive processing into manageable skill sets. Through explicit, direct, systematic videos, assessments, handouts and activities, students practice how to:

  • Encode and retrieve information into and out of long-term memory
  • Inhibit distractions and focus attention
  • Shift tasks and perspectives
  • Apply active listening skills
  • Develop self-awareness and emotional regulation

Subsequently, students learn how to build on these core aptitudes so they can plan and manage their time, organize materials, and conduct other higher-level processing skills. Direct applications help students learn structured study habits, lifestyle hacks, and memory strategies that optimize capabilities and academic potential.  The ultimate goal is to help learners improve classroom behaviors and increase students’ performance by providing teachers, parents, practitioners and their students with the needed tools and strategies.

This is a comprehensive executive functioning coaching course that offers the instruction and resources to support students in achieving excellent study habits. The course is subscription-based, and participants can discontinue at their convenience. There is a large and growing selection of videos, presentations, assessments, and handouts, that can be used directly with students. 

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