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Navigating the intricacies of language can be challenging for many students, particularly when it comes to understanding instructions and multiple-choice questions. This publication is designed to assist students who need to hone their skills in following directions, interpreting questions, and grasping the subtleties of linguistic cues.

Multisensory Cognitive Tools for Learning

Following Directions Primary introduces engaging, multisensory cognitive tools that aid young learners in mastering linguistic cues essential for comprehending both oral and written instructions. Through the use of charming animal and alien characters, along with numbers, letters, and shapes, this product focuses on enhancing foundational reading abilities, directionality, visual processing, sequencing, verbal reasoning, spatial skills, and executive functioning.

Designed by an Experienced Learning Specialist

With years of experience as a learning specialist, I have found that integrating fun and entertainment into the learning process is crucial. This workbook is crafted to cater to students who thrive on interactive and game-based learning, making the educational journey enjoyable and effective.

Cognitive Areas Strengthened

Students utilizing these materials will see improvements in multiple cognitive domains:

  • Language Skills: Enhancing comprehension and expression
  • Sequential Processing: Improving the ability to follow steps in order
  • Spatial Abilities: Developing skills in understanding space and dimensions
  • Memory: Strengthening the recall of information
  • Attention: Focusing more effectively on tasks
  • Executive Functioning: Boosting planning, problem-solving, and multitasking
  • Attention to Detail: Increasing precision in noticing minor differences
  • Visual Processing: Enhancing the ability to interpret visual information

This comprehensive resource provides an effective approach to learning that supports significant development in critical cognitive areas, preparing students for academic success and everyday challenges.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Shaudin D.
Love them!

I have been using these once a month during my advisory period to help students work on their executive functioning skills. They really love working on them.

Sandra Kaczmarski

I used this task in my group therapy session. It was very motivating with the simple pictures and directions. My students were challenged and learned from this session.

Elizabeth S.
Absolutley love!

My students absolutely love this resource as a warm up for our speech and language therapy sessions. All students engaged with materials in this resource and really enjoyed the challenges. It’s great for working on basic concepts and meta cognition skills.

Erin S.
Helpful with EF

My ADHD students enjoy these activities and I've found them to be helpful with executive functioning.

Karen B.

Thanks for dealing with such relevant topics. Your materials are very helpful.