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Dr. Warren now offers a comprehensive, updated math resource called Memorable Math - Great for struggling math students, you can learn more here.

Unlock the challenges of learning multiples and least common multiples with our comprehensive educational package. This product includes a detailed PowerPoint presentation alongside a 46-page PDF document, both designed to enhance understanding and retention through innovative teaching methods.

Key Features of the Resource:

  • Embedded Memory Strategies: Incorporates proven techniques to help students remember mathematical processes.
  • Step-by-Step Instruction: Clear, concise explanations guide students through finding multiples and least common multiples.
  • Practice Problems: Ample problems allow students to apply what they've learned and reinforce their understanding.
  • Coloring Activity: A creative, hands-on activity that makes learning engaging and helps to solidify knowledge.
  • Interactive Game: An enjoyable way for students to practice and master the concepts in a dynamic, interactive setting.

Benefits of Using This Product:

This resource transforms the learning experience, making it both enjoyable and impactful. With our tailored activities and strategic instructions, students will grasp and retain the methods for identifying multiples and least common multiples more effectively. The inclusion of fun elements like games and coloring ensures that students remain engaged and motivated throughout their learning journey.

Designed to be both educational and entertaining, this product ensures that students not only learn the concepts initially but continue to remember and apply them over time. Perfect for classroom use or individual study, this tool helps students overcome common struggles with multiplication concepts through a memorable and enjoyable approach.


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Elizabeth M.

Fun and engaging resource.