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Place Value Panic: A Multisensory Math Mash-Up!

Struggling to teach place value in a way that's both fun and effective? Look no further than Place Value Panic! This downloadable resource is packed with 4 engaging games that will have your students begging for more math practice.

Here's why Place Value Panic is a game-changer:

  • 4 Games in 1: Provides a variety of activities to keep students engaged and target different learning styles.
  • Multisensory Mania: Combines tactile manipulatives and card games for a hands-on learning experience that sticks.
  • Leveled Up Learning: Offers multiple difficulty levels (beginner, intermediate 1, intermediate 2, and advanced) to cater to all learners.
  • Printable Powerhouse: Includes 4 sets of printable cards, 8 colorful spinner boards (with black and white options), and additional activity pages.
  • Colorful Companions: Features illustrated, color-coded place values for a clear and engaging visual aid.
  • Beyond the Basics: Provides creative suggestions using everyday materials like bottle tops and pom-poms, taking learning fun to a whole new level!

Place Value Panic covers a wide range of place values:

  • Simple Start: Beginners can grasp the concept with ones, tens, thousands, and hundreds.
  • Advanced Adventures: Challenge your students with place values from millions all the way down to millionths!

Download Place Value Panic today and transform place value practice into a fun-filled learning lesson!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Alicia S.

This has greatly assisted my tactile learners during groups, especially when they knew the concept but just needed extra practice.

Sandra M.
So cute!

Such a cute learning game! The students always enjoy learning through games.

Ramona Abbott
Great resource

Great resource for differentiated math stations! Thanks!

Brianna Mullally

My students really enjoyed this game and it helped cement their knowledge of place value.