Place Value Game and Instruction: Place Value Panic Digital Down

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Place Value Panic offers 4 different games in one, and it presents a fun and multisensory way to teach students about place value. Students will love the tactile manipulatives and card games!! There are multiple levels of difficulty – beginners, intermediate 1, intermediate 2 and advanced. Therefore, there are 4 sets of printable cards and 8 spinner boards (color and black and white options) that can be printed. This product also offers instruction ideas, additional printable pages, illustrated color-coded place values and other fun suggestions that use bottle tops and pom poms. The simplest game works with ones, tens, thousands and hundreds and the hardest game presents 13 place values from millions - millionths.

Each purchase is a single license, for a single teacher.  If additional teachers wish to use the product, please purchase additional copies.  Thank you!

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