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Prepositions Get Peppy with Preppy the Penguin!

Turn mastering prepositions into a penguin-powered adventure with this downloadable PDF!

Preppy the Preposition Penguin is here to guide your students on a mission to conquer those tricky prepositions! This engaging resource combines fun and learning seamlessly.

Here's what Preppy has in store:

  • Comic Capers: Prepositions come alive with Preppy's engaging, comic book-style explanations that make learning a blast!
  • Igloo Art Extravaganza: Spark creativity with a fun Preppy-themed art project. As students build Preppy's igloo, they'll discover how prepositions describe location (in, beside, behind, etc.).
  • Multisensory Magic: Keep students actively engaged with a variety of multisensory learning strategies that cater to different learning styles.
  • Handy Helpers: Reinforce understanding with clear and colorful handouts that students can reference throughout the unit.
  • Games Galore!: Solidify learning and put prepositions into action with a variety of fun and interactive games.

Learning with Preppy is a blast! Students will be eager to explore all the different ways prepositions can be used and how they help us understand the relationship between words.

Download Prepositions are a Blast with Preppy the Penguin today and watch your students become preposition pros!


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Linnie M.

This is a super cute activity that helps bring prepositional phrases to life!