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Reading Games 2 offers 88 pages with over 10 printable games.  The focus of these games is on blending and spelling.  This publication works well with any Orton-Gillingham or phonics-based reading program.  With a variety of difficulty levels, these multisensory games are suitable for all ages.  Bring games into your reading instruction and watch students' abilities soar! 

 Game Names       Description

Match and Blend 1 and 2

Once a student has been introduced to beginning and ending sounds, they are ready to play Match and Blend. This game allows students to practice merging sounds into words.

Kitten Party

Once students have been introduced to the short vowel and the consonant sounds, they are ready to play the blending game, Kitten Party. This game allows students to practice merging sounds into words. They will also review their short vowel and consonant sounds in simple closed syllable words.

Take a Pill

This is a phonemic awareness game that helps students practice with blends, digraphs, trigraphs, vowels, vowel combinations, final blends, and word endings.

Letter Cubes

This is a blending game that also exercises spatial skills, sequencing, and verbal reasoning skills.

Spin and Spell

This game helps students practice with three spelling rules: TCH or CH, DGE or GE, and CK or K.

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