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Game On for Reading! Fun & Effective Practice with the Reading Games Series

Looking for a way to make reading practice engaging and successful for ALL students?

Look no further than the Reading Games Series, a treasure of downloadable resources designed to complement and enhance any phonics-based or Orton-Gillingham reading program!

This particular download, Reading Games for Orton-Gillingham Programs, offers ninety-four information-packed pages with interactive activities to transform learning into a fun adventure.

Here's what you'll find inside:

  • Eleven Engaging Games: Keep students motivated and actively learning with a variety of games targeting essential reading skills.
  • Seventeen Printable Card Decks: Reinforce key concepts with a diverse selection of printable card decks that can be used in various game formats.
  • Two Versatile Game Boards: These adaptable game boards provide a platform for multiple learning activities, maximizing the value of this resource.

Master Syllables with Fun!

This specific publication focuses on mastering the six different syllable types (closed, open, silent e, r-controlled, consonant le, and vowel combinations) along with syllabication skills.

Multisensory Magic:

The Reading Games Series incorporates tactile, auditory, and visual elements to cater to different learning styles and ensure a well-rounded learning experience for all students, including those with dyslexia or other reading challenges.

Looking for More? 

Don't forget to explore Dr. Warren's other four reading publications in the Reading Games Series, each packed with unique and engaging activities to keep your students on the path to reading success!

Download Reading Games for Orton-Gillingham Programs today and watch your students' love for learning soar!

"I always tell my students that if they don't love to come to our sessions, then I'm not doing my job.  My main goal in creating these games was to make reading through long lists of words fun and multisensory!  I no longer have to bribe my kids with candy or stickers, they love playing the games and I get through many more words with enthusiasm and no fuss!  "

-Dr. Erica Warren

Names of Games

Game Description

Letter Ball

Some students are kinesthetic learners and movement actually helps in the learning process. This game involves a medium-sized ball and a permanent marker!


This game involves movement and is wonderful for accommodating and empowering the kinesthetic learner that needs to learn the sounds of the letters, blends, and diphthongs.

Slap Me 5

This game assists students in synthesizing two syllables that may make compound words. it is the student’s job to determine whether or not the two syllables make a real compound word.

Rhyme Time (8 different games in one)

This game includes 8 sets of cards that assist students in practicing the first four-syllable types as they are introduced.

Dolphin Game

This game helps students develop flexibility with and practice in the recognition of the six types of syllables. In addition, students must read the words and utilize analytical skills.

Gecko Game

This game assists students in practicing the five different syllable types.

Crazy Qs

This game helps students develop flexibility and practice in the recognition of the six types of syllables. In addition, students must read the words and utilize analytical skills.

Survival of the Fittest

This game provides practice with breaking words into syllables – syllabication. Many students struggle with learning how to break multi-syllable words into individual syllable chunks. Knowing how to do this enables students to sound out novel words with success.

Afix it Up

This game provides practice with prefixes, roots, and suffixes. it also strengthens auditory and visual closure abilities.


This game provides practice with the vowel combinations or vowel teams.


Maniac is a lot like Rummy 500, and it is a wonderfully fun game for all ages to play for practicing and refreshing one’s memory of the vowel combinations and r- combinations.


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Customer Reviews

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Kim G.
Fun reinforcement

My middle school students will love these games to reinforce Wilson concepts! So many options all in one!

Tammy S.
Fun OG Resource!

This is a great OG resource! My students enjoyed it. Very glad I purchased it!

Robyn R.
Absolutely Love!

I am starting Wilson this year and was afraid I would get bored and it would be too dry! This will definitely keep my kids engaged!

Julie H.
Thank you!

This vendor has provided a plethora of really useful and creative products! They have been spot on for my students who struggle with reading.

Mary Ellen R.
Worth it!

This is absolutely worth the cost. These games are really engaging, the skills are well-targeted and give lots of practice, and my squirrelly students can learn and move at the same time.