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Introducing Reversing Reversals Beginners: The Bridge to Reading Success!

Looking for that missing piece in your child's reading journey?

Many children progress from Reversing Reversals Primary to the more advanced activities in Reversing Reversals & Reversing Reversals 2, but what about those who need a bridge to connect the two?

Introducing Reversing Reversals Beginners!

This downloadable workbook, created by popular demand, is the perfect stepping stone for struggling students.

Here's why Reversing Reversals Beginners is a game-changer:

  • Bridges the Gap: Provides a smooth transition between foundational skills and more advanced reversal exercises.
  • Fun & Engaging Activities: Features game-like activities that make learning enjoyable and keep your child motivated.
  • Essential Skills Development: Targets key areas like vowel vs. consonant discrimination, confusing letter/number/symbol recognition, tracking skills, pattern recognition, and basic reasoning.
  • Empowering All Learners: Ideal for students who need extra support before tackling the challenges of Reversing Reversals & Reversing Reversals 2.

Download Reversing Reversals Beginners today and watch your child build a strong foundation for reading success!

Looking for more resources? Explore our comprehensive series designed to combat reversals and build strong reading and writing skills. Find the perfect fit for your child's needs and watch them blossom into confident readers!

Picking the Perfect Reversing Reversals:

Reversing Reversals


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Customer Reviews

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Kristen V.
Very helpful

My students often struggle with reversals and this has provided me with a quick and easy way to have them practice their reversals. They enjoy working on the variety of activities and it keeps their attention. The resources are well researched and are very helpful for my students who have difficulty with reversals!

Perfect for Elementary

I use this resource to reinforce concepts taught. I think it is perfect for early elementary ages. This resource is well organized. I use it with dyslexic students. I have used many of Dr. Warren's resources. Since I work with younger kids, I have found I use this more than the original Reversing Reversals. Thank you for making this.

Lydia G.
Perfect warm-up

This is the perfect warm-up for those kiddos that need practice with tracking and of course reversals. It isn't too overwhelming and can be used in conjunction with fluency.