Visual Discrimination and Directionality Activities

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Does your child or student struggle with:

  • Confusing similar letters (b/d, p/q)?
  • Difficulty telling left from right?
  • Mixing up numbers (76/9) or shapes (circle/oval)?

These challenges can be signs of weak visual discrimination and directionality skills. Don't worry, help is here! Visual Discrimination and Directionality Activities (available as a downloadable digital resource) offers a fun and engaging way to improve these essential visual processing skills for young children, students, and even older individuals who need a boost.

What are Visual Discrimination and Directionality Skills?

  • Visual Discrimination: The ability to detect subtle differences in objects, including letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • Directionality: The ability to distinguish between left and right, understand spatial relationships, and recognize objects facing different directions.

Why are These Skills Important?

Strong visual processing skills are crucial for:

  • Reading Fluency: Distinguishing similar letters allows for smooth word recognition and decoding.
  • Math Skills: Differentiating numbers and shapes is essential for accurate calculations and problem-solving.
  • Following Directions: Understanding left, right, and other spatial concepts is crucial for comprehending instructions.
  • Overall Learning: Visual processing is a foundation for many cognitive skills involved in learning.

How Can This Resource Help?

  • 52 engaging activities: This downloadable workbook provides a variety of fun and effective exercises to target both visual discrimination and directionality skills. 
  • Gradual progression: Activities are designed to increase in difficulty as skills improve, ensuring a steady learning curve.
  • Remedial tool: With continued use, this resource can be a valuable tool for overcoming visual processing weaknesses.

Invest in Success!

Visual Discrimination and Directionality Activities is the perfect resource for parents, educators, and therapists seeking a fun and effective way to help individuals strengthen their visual processing skills and build a strong foundation for learning. Download today and watch the confusion disappear!

Bonus: This digital download is compatible with computers and iPads, offering convenient access for learning on the go!

series of five visual processing workbooks

Double click the video below to view some sample pages out of this publication:

What Diagnoses are Served by This Publication?

  • Educational therapists and learning specialists 
  • Occupational therapists
  • Teachers and tutors
  • Parents
  • Play therapists
  • Vision Therapists

    What Other Areas of Cognition are Strengthened by Completing These Activities?

    • Processing speed
    • Visual sequencing
    • Visual-spatial skills
    • Visual form constancy
    • Visual reasoning skills
    • Executive functioning skills
    • Attentional skills
    • Working memory

    How to Use This Publication:

    • Complete these activities on a computer or tablet. See the image below to learn how.
    • Purchase dry erase pockets, print the activities in color, and let students practice the pages over and over again.
    • Print the sheets in color and let your student(s) complete the pages.

      Flow chart of how to make a pdf usable on a computer or iPad


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      Donna H.

      My child really enjoyed doing these activities. It was a nice change from some of the other resources available for dyslexia.

      Susan M.

      The students were eager to complete the tasks and wanted to try again to improve on their performances.