Building Peripheral Vision, Visual Tracking, and Visual Attention for Improved Reading and Scanning


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For one affordable payment, receive 365 days of access to a suite of video-based exercises!  The videos were created to be highly engaging and students can complete them in a remedial session or they can purchase their own account and do the activities at home. 

What Does This Product Offer?

This product, by Dr. Erica Warren, offers:

  • 1 hemisphere integration activity video
  • 3 videos (3 exercises each) designed to improve visual tracking.  There are beginners, intermediate and advanced versions.
  • 6 videos for exercising peripheral vision (3 offer stable backgrounds while another 3 offer moving backgrounds to train visual attention.  There are two beginners, two intermediate, and two advanced versions.
  • All the videos include upbeat music to enhance motivation.  The sound can also be muted - if desired. 

How Can These Exercises Help with Academics?

In particular, these videos can assist students to develop core skills for improved visual processing.  They can help students:
  • Read and track text in a faster and more fluent manner.
  • Train the eyes to move from one line of text to another.
  • Develop one's ability to perceive larger chunks of text.
  • Scan complex and visually dense materials.
  • Build word chunking skills
  • Improve and maintain attention when there are visual distractions.

How Do I Access the Content?

You will be able to access and use the content on my Learning Specialist Courses site.  There is no need to download any materials.  The videos will be there for your use for a whole year!

The Content is Easily Updated?

All changes and additions are automatically updated.   

More Sample Images From Some of The Videos:

sample images from the videos

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