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Did you know that working memory is a better indicator of academic success than IQ?  In this workshop, Dr. Erica Warren covers the definition of working memory, a breakdown of the cognitive processing functions, and strategies for success.  You will have access to the course for 365 days.  Here is an outline of the event 

  1. What is working memory?
  2. Sensory input, sensory memory, and short term memory
  3. A. Braddeley's conception of working memory
    1. Central executive
    2. Visuospatial sketchpad
    3. Phonological loop
    4. Episodic buffer
    5. Long term memory
  4. A short video of researcher Alan Braddeley explaining the episodic buffer
  5. Purpose of working memory
  6. How working memory utilizes executive functioning
  7. Model problems
  8. Symptoms of working memory problems
  9. My $10.00 screener
  10. Why working memory is important
  11. Working memory throughout life
  12. Types of memory strategies that help with working memory
  13. Ways to develop and strengthen working memory
    1. Visualization
    2. Metacognition
    3. Inner-voice
  14. GSL products that exercise and develop working memory.

The course also offers a selection of downloadable handouts.

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