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Dyslexia: Problems and Solutions Workshop


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This is an edited recording of a live Zoom workshop, with Dr. Erica Warren.  It is about 53 minutes and offers the full presentation. 

 You will have access to the course for 365 days. 

The Presentation Explores:

  • The definition of dyslexia
  • The many types of dyslexia
    • Acquired
      • Deep 
      • Surface 
    • Developmental 
      • Primary
      • Secondary
    • Gifted
      • Twice Exceptional (2E)
      • Stealth 
    • Subtypes 1
      • Phonological
      • Rapid Automatic Naming (RAN) - dysnomia
      • Double Deficit
    • Subtypes 2
      • Dysphonetic (auditory)
      • Dyseidetic (visual)
      • Alexis/ Mixed (auditory and visual)
  • Common symptoms
  • The steps to helping students with dyslexia
    • Screening and assessments
    • Comprehensive understanding of strengths and weaknesses
    • Multisensory lessons
    • Cognitive remediation
    • Comprehensive psychosocial and social-emotional support and advocacy
  • Strategies for success
    • Developing visualization skills
    • Comprehensive remedial reading approach
    • Remedial writing and spelling
    • Study strategies
    • Memory strategies
    • Assistive technology
  • Dyslexia products  

Does Dr. Warren Offer Other Courses or Workshops?

Yes.  Dr. Warren offers a variety of courses and workshops.  To learn more about her courses CLICK HERE.  To learn about her workshops, CLICK HERE.

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