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Executive Functioning Skills Workshop


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Strategies for Strengthening Executive Functioning Skills Workshop

Join Dr. Erica Warren for an insightful 33-minute workshop on executive functioning, accessible online for an entire year after purchase. This comprehensive presentation delves into the nuances of executive functioning and its significance in various aspects of life.

Workshop Coverage

Understanding Executive Functioning:

  • What is executive functioning?

Internal Impact of Executive Functioning:

  • Cognitive Performance
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Monitoring and Management
  • Memory Enhancement
  • Attention Improvement

External Impact of Executive Functioning:

  • Social Interactions
  • Family Dynamics
  • Educational Achievement
  • Occupational Success

Practical Solutions and Strategies:

  • General Solutions for Everyday Challenges
  • Academic Solutions for Students
  • Tools for Academic Success

This workshop offers valuable insights and practical strategies, making it ideal for educators, professionals, and anyone interested in enhancing their cognitive and emotional skills through the understanding of executive functioning.

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