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A Visual Processing Workshop


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Strong visual processing skills are vital for learners of all ages.  This workshop, conducted by Dr. Erica Warren, reviews the definition of visual processing, offers an explanation of how it functions in the brain, reviews the eleven different types of visual processing, introduces materials that can be used to exercise this skill, and discusses how one can assess or evaluate visual processing at large.   

 You will have access to the course for 365 days. 

Outline of the Workshop 

  1. What is visual processing?
  2. How does visual processing happen in the brain?
  3. The 11 types of visual processing
    1. Discrimination and Directionality
    2. Memory and Visualization
    3. Sequencing
    4. Closure
    5. Tracking
    6. Reasoning
    7. Spatial
    8. Figure-ground
    9. Synthesis
    10. Form Constancy
    11. Motor
  4. Tests that can be used to measure visual processing

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