Multisensory Multiplication | Good Sensory

Multisensory Multiplication | Good Sensory

Erica Warren LLC Good Sensory Learning and Dyslexia Materials

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Ditch the Flashcards and Embrace Fun: Mastering Multiplication with Multisensory Learning 

This program offers a fresh approach to multiplication, ditching rote memorization and flashcards. Here's what your child will gain:

  • Deep Understanding: Move beyond memorizing facts to truly grasping multiplication concepts.
  • Personalized Learning: Find the learning style that works best for your child - choose from creative play, songs, finger tricks, games, and more!
  • Learning Through Play: Spark joy in learning with engaging activities that boost memory and focus.
  • Unlock Patterns: Coloring activities help kids visualize multiplication patterns, making problem-solving easier.
  • Finger Trick Mastery: Learn cool finger maneuvers to solve multiplication problems in a snap!
  • Game On! Put learning to the test with 3 downloadable, interactive games that make multiplication fun.

This program caters to diverse learning styles and makes multiplication a positive and engaging experience for every child!

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