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This beginner, multisensory PowerPoint Presentation offers step by step instructions on how to visualize or develop visualization skills. Students learn the first 5 of 10 different visualization skills. They also get to practice their abilities with each individual skill set and then in activities that ask them to use all the skills in unison. Furthermore, the presentations integrate activities so that students can directly apply what they are learning, and the application to other learning environments is also addressed. See the intermediate Teaching Visualization PowerPoint to learn about the last 5 visualization skills.

What are the 5 Visualization Skills Reviewed?

  1. What:  What objects or things are in your visualization?

  2. When: When does your visualization take place (past, present, future, morning, evening…)?

  3. Size/Color:  What are the sizes and colors of the details in your visualization?

  4. Senses:  Does the visualization tap into your other senses such as sound, touch, and taste?

  5. Quantity: How many of each object is in your visualization?

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