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Dr. Warren now offers a comprehensive, updated math resource called Memorable Math - Great for struggling math students, you can learn more here.

Dive into the world of measurement with this delightful PowerPoint presentation designed specifically for elementary students. This resource features twenty-two vibrant slides, each equipped with effective memory strategies to help young learners easily grasp basic measurement conversions.

Included Conversions:

This PowerPoint covers essential measurement relationships that are foundational in everyday life and math education:

  • Twelve inches in a foot
  • Three feet in a yard
  • Four cups in a quart
  • Two pints in a quart
  • Four quarts in a gallon
  • Sixteen ounces in a pound

Interactive and Fun Learning Experience:

  • Knowledge Checks: Students have the opportunity to test their understanding throughout the presentation, ensuring they can apply what they've learned.
  • Colorful Visuals: Each slide is adorned with colorful images and engaging graphics that make learning about measurements enjoyable and memorable for the entire class.

This PowerPoint is a fantastic tool for teachers looking to introduce measurement concepts in a way that is both educational and entertaining. It’s perfect for making complex ideas accessible and fun, ensuring students not only learn but also retain crucial mathematical knowledge.


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Customer Reviews

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Wanda M.
Kids love it!

My kids just loved this set! We are memorizing linear equivalents with our Classical Conversations homeschool group and my 7-year-old got such a kick out of the pictures. She can now easily remember all the information. Very colorful and fun. I would love to use more of her resources! Thank you!

Danielle S.

This was great for my visual learners! Thank you.