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All About Making Inferences the Fun and Easy Way

Making inferences activities and lessons

This 60-page digital download teaches students about making inferences and how to decipher implied meaning. The product begins with images. Socially conscious advertisements were collected from all over the world that have hidden messages embedded in their images. Not only will students learn how to find these subliminal messages, but they will be guided towards healthy living and kindness towards others and our planet. Next, the product offers inference worksheets that help students to critically analyze slogans, product names, and even metaphors so they can successfully uncover inferences. A wonderful inference game is also included and finally, students discover implied meaning in sentences.

At the end of the workbook, some of the organizations that contributed images provided statements regarding what students can do to make a difference. I hope that students, teachers, and parents are inspired to select an organization or two and see what they can do to make a difference in our world.

What are Inferences? 

An inference is implied meaning or a conclusion that is formed from facts or evidence.  It's a higher-order reasoning skill that is taught in middle school when instruction moves from concrete ways of thinking to more abstract ways of thinking.

Why is it Important to Teach Students about Inferences?

Inferences are a vital skill for students to master because it helps develop reading and listening comprehension.  In particular, this advanced language skill enables students to make connections, understand foreshadowing, and draw important conclusions. In addition, social inferences are an essential social skill that allows one to infer or extrapolate how people feel, what they are thinking or saying, and what they plan to do.

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