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An Auditory Processing Workshop


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Strong auditory processing skills are critical for learners of all ages because it is the foundation of making sense of the world around us. This workshop, conducted by Dr. Erica Warren, reviews the definition of auditory processing, explains the areas of activated cognition, covers the ten subtypes of auditory processing, reveals the symptoms, presents remedial materials that can be used to exercise these skills and reviews evaluation tools.

Presentation Overview

This 36-minute presentation has been crafted to enhance the understanding of auditory processing and its remedial methods among practitioners and parents. The material is delivered in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner, ensuring that all participants, regardless of their prior knowledge, can grasp the essential concepts effectively.

Extended Access

Participants will enjoy extensive access to this valuable workshop for a full year (365 days), allowing them to revisit and review the content at their own pace to reinforce learning or clarify complex points.

Detailed Workshop Outline

Introduction to Auditory Processing

  • Definition and Importance: What is auditory processing, and why is it crucial for cognitive development?

Cognitive Activation

  • Brain Activation: Explore which cognitive processing areas in the brain are engaged during auditory processing.

Understanding the Subtypes of Auditory Processing

  • Discrimination: Differentiating between sounds.
  • Reasoning: Applying logic to sounds for better comprehension.
  • Sequencing: Placing sounds in a logical order.
  • Synthesis: Combining sounds to understand complex information.
  • Figure-ground: Focusing on specific sounds in a noisy environment.
  • Processing Speed: Speed at which sounds are processed.
  • Attention: Focusing on sounds amid distractions.
  • Memory: Recalling auditory information.
  • Closure: Completing sounds or words when parts are missing.
  • Localization and Dichotic Listening: Identifying the direction of sounds and listening to different sounds in each ear.

Diagnostic Tools

  • Assessment Tests: Review of various tests available to evaluate auditory processing capabilities.

Remedial Solutions

  • Effective Products: Introduction to tools and products that support the remedial process for auditory processing challenges.

This comprehensive workshop is designed not just to inform but also to equip attendees with practical tools and knowledge to effectively address auditory processing challenges in their personal and professional environments.

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