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An Auditory Processing Workshop


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Strong auditory processing skills are critical for learners of all ages because it is the foundation of making sense of the world around us.  This workshop, conducted by Dr. Erica Warren, reviews the definition of auditory processing, explains the areas of activated cognition, covers the ten subtypes of auditory processing, reveals the symptoms, presents remedial materials that can be used to exercise these skills and reviews evaluation tools.

The 36-minute presentation was created to help practitioners and parents have a better understanding of auditory processing as well as the remedial process. The delivery is presented in a comprehensive yet simplistic manner.

You will have access to this workshop for 365 days!! 

Outline of the Workshop 

  1. What is auditory processing?
  2. What cognitive processing areas are activated in the brain?
  3. The 10 subtypes of auditory processing
    1. Discrimination
    2. Reasoning
    3. Sequencing
    4. Synthesis
    5. Figure-ground
    6. Processing speed
    7. Attention
    8. Memory
    9. Closure
    10. Localization and dichotic listening
  4. Assessment tests that can be used to evaluate auditory processing
  5. Products that can be used in the remedial process

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