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Dyslexia: Problems and Solutions Workshop


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Understanding Dyslexia: A Comprehensive Workshop with Dr. Erica Warren

This 53-minute edited recording of a live Zoom workshop, hosted by Dr. Erica Warren, offers an in-depth exploration of dyslexia. Participants will have full access to the presentation for 365 days, allowing ample time to engage with and revisit the material.

Workshop Overview

Key Topics Covered:

  • Defining Dyslexia: Gain a clear understanding of what dyslexia is and how it affects learning.
  • Types of Dyslexia: A detailed look at the various forms of dyslexia:
    • Acquired: Resulting from brain injury or trauma.
    • Developmental: Manifesting during developmental stages.
    • Primary and Secondary: Root causes and secondary challenges.
    • Gifted and Twice Exceptional (2E): High ability combined with dyslexia.
    • Stealth Dyslexia: Subtle form often overlooked in academically successful individuals.

Dyslexia Subtypes:

  • Phonological: Difficulty with phonemic awareness.
  • Rapid Automatic Naming (RAN) - Dysnomia: Challenges with rapid naming.
  • Double Deficit: Struggles with both phonemic awareness and rapid naming.
  • Dysphonetic (Auditory): Issues with sound to letter correspondences.
  • Dyseidetic (Visual): Problems with whole word recognition and spelling.
  • Alexis/Mixed (Auditory and Visual): Combination of auditory and visual challenges.

Common Symptoms and Diagnostic Approaches:

  • Understand common signs and symptoms of dyslexia.
  • Explore effective screening and assessment methods to identify dyslexia.

Comprehensive Support Strategies:

  • Multisensory Lessons: Techniques that engage multiple senses for effective learning.
  • Cognitive Remediation: Strategies to strengthen underlying cognitive skills.
  • Psychosocial and Emotional Support: Ensuring well-rounded support including advocacy.
  • Remedial Approaches: Detailed methods for teaching reading, writing, and spelling.

Enhancing Academic Success:

  • Visualization Skills: Developing mental imagery to support learning.
  • Study and Memory Strategies: Tools to enhance study habits and memory recall.
  • Assistive Technology: Leveraging technology to overcome learning hurdles.
  • Dyslexia-Focused Products: Curated tools and resources specifically designed for dyslexia.

Additional Resources:

  • Access to downloadable handouts that supplement the course content and provide additional insights and strategies.

This workshop is ideal for educators, parents, therapists, and individuals looking to deepen their understanding of dyslexia and discover effective strategies for support and success. Dr. Erica Warren's expert guidance provides valuable insights and practical tools to help manage and mitigate the challenges associated with dyslexia.

Does Dr. Warren Offer Other Courses or Workshops?

Yes.  Dr. Warren offers a variety of courses and workshops.  To learn more about her courses CLICK HERE.  To learn about her workshops, CLICK HERE.

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