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Abstract thinking, as well as understanding multiple meanings, are two higher-order cognitive skills that develop in the middle school years.  It's when instruction moves from concrete to more abstract types of learning. Read on to dig deeper.

How Can We Help Strengthen Higher-Order Language Skills?

This 58-page workbook, which is available as a PDF abstract thinking and multiple meanings activitiesdigital download, offers an innovative and multisensory approach to learning higher-level language and reasoning. Students work with abstract and concrete nouns as well as with words that have multiple meanings. Students will also learn to critically analyze similes and metaphors in creative ways.

Students that use this publication will also encounter and interpret idioms and sayings. These activities help students to develop higher-order language skills as well as mental flexibility through critical thinking and visualization skills.  

What is Abstract Thinking?

Abstracting thinking or abstract reasoning is the ability to think about objects, principles, and ideas that are not concrete or physically present.  It includes concepts like justice, new theories, novel solutions, or making inferences to name a few.

What are Multiple Meanings?

Some words have more than one meaning and this can lead to multiple interpretations of text or discourse.  Jokes often use this device, and critically analyzing this type of humor can be a fun way to help students that struggle with this higher-order language skill.

What is Higher-Order Thinking?

Higher-order thinking involves the learning of complex skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving.  It goes beyond observing facts and rote memorization, and it invites evaluation, creativity, and innovation.

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