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Dyslexia Cognitive Remedial Bundle - Reading, Memory & More

Erica Warren LLC Good Sensory Learning and Dyslexia Materials

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The Dyslexia Remedial Bundle offers a discounted selection of Dr. Warren's digital download publications that can be used to strengthen and remediate the cognitive weaknesses associated with dyslexia.

Dyslexia Remediation Bundle Sections

Below are the publications included in this bundle. When you click on the name, the product page will open in another window.

  • Reading Games Bundle: This offers a series of games that help students decode words for reading.  All the games follow a standard Orton Gillingham approach and will work with any phonics program.
  • Planning, Time Management and Organization for Success: This comprehensive publication offers a wealth of materials on study skills, editable agendas or planners, test preparation, behavior modification, writing strategies, reading strategies, math manipulatives, memory strategies, and more.
  • Following Directions Bundle: This series of fun activities develop linguistic skills such as vocabulary, tricky wording, and following both written and oral directions. 
  • Working Memory Bundle: Games and fun activities help to exercise and strengthen working memory or the ability to hold and manipulate information in the mind and also access prior knowledge.
  • Reversing Reversal Bundle: This series helps with letter and word reversals. It also assists students in developing visual processing skills such as tracking skills (reading across a line of text and then to the next line).
  • Visualization BundleThis series teaches students how to develop their visualization abilities.  This needed skill is a great way to develop memory, reading comprehension, and attentional skills.  It works brilliantly for all academic areas of achievement.
  • Making Inferences the Fun and Easy WayThis publication helps to develop the higher-order thinking skill of making inferences or understanding implied meaning.
  • Executive Functioning Card Games Bundle: This bundle of four card games helps students to exercise and practice working memory, and mental shifting.
  • Word Shuffle: This game allows students to learn and practice language rules.  With three levels of difficulty, it is appropriate for elementary through high school students.  It works with simple linguistic skills such as rhyming.  Harder options work with parts of speech and literary elements. 
  • Hey, What's the Big IdeaThis fun game teaches students to quickly generate main ideas and details - core skills needed for both reading and writing.  
  • Vowel Combinations Made Easy: This enjoyable, word decoding workbook helps students to master the vowel combinations or vowel teams.

All these products can be printed in black and white or color. Personally, I use most of the products on my iPad with students both online and in person.  By using the free app, Zoom, students can do many of the activities on the device.  Here is a video I created to share this strategy.

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