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Student Processing Inventory 2 (SPI) Grades 6-College

Transform Education with the Student Processing Inventory (SPI)

Are you ready to create inclusive learning environments that embrace neurodiversity? The Student Processing Inventory (SPI) and Eclectic Teaching Approach are here to revolutionize how educators, parents, professionals, and students approach learning.

Note: Dr. Warren also offers the SPI-1 for Grades 3-5:

  • Dr. Erica Warren offers the Student Processing Inventory 1 (SPI-1), tailored specifically for students in grades 3-5. Similar to the SPI-2, the SPI-1 addresses the unique processing needs of younger learners. CLICK HERE

About the Student Processing Inventory (SPI)

The SPI is a sophisticated digital assessment tool designed to uncover each student's unique processing methods. Rooted in the Eclectic Teaching Approach, it provides detailed reports that help educators develop customized instructional strategies tailored to individual needs.

Evaluating 12 Processing Styles

The SPI assesses students across 12 distinct ways of processing:

  • Visual
  • Auditory
  • Tactile
  • Kinesthetic
  • Sequential
  • Simultaneous
  • Reflective/Logical
  • Verbal
  • Interactive
  • Indirect Experience
  • Direct Experience
  • Rhythmic/Melodic

Why Choose the SPI?

  • Research-Based Approach: With over two decades of experience, Dr. Warren integrates the latest educational theories, ensuring that assessments cater to diverse student needs.
  • Neurodiverse Teaching Resources: The SPI offers effective techniques and downloadable handouts to support neurodiverse students, guiding teachers in creating engaging lessons.

Empowering Educators with Digital Insights

The SPI uses digital technology to deliver quick, accurate assessments, providing immediate reports and resources to help educators adapt their teaching methods.

Features of the SPI Digital Assessment:

  • Customized Educational Strategies: Comprehensive digital reports include tailored strategies and resources aligned with each student's processing preferences.
  • Inclusive Educational Practices: The SPI helps create supportive educational settings by recognizing and accommodating varied processing needs.
  • Actionable and Practical Application: The SPI’s reports offer practical suggestions and detailed teaching resources to enhance classroom engagement and academic outcomes.

The Value of the SPI in Modern Education

The SPI is an essential tool for educators committed to fostering an inclusive classroom environment. It provides detailed insights and tailored recommendations, enhancing instructional effectiveness and supporting every student's learning potential.

For Teachers, Learning Specialists, Tutors, and Therapists

The SPI helps educators, learning specialists, tutors, and therapists understand their own processing styles and expand their methods. It reveals compensatory strategies tailored to each student's needs and is often used in initial consultations to assess family profiles.

Unlock the potential of every learner with the Student Processing Inventory (SPI). Transform education and create inclusive environments where every student thrives.

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