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This publication offers two versions.  This is the professional version that was upgraded in 2023. To view the family and homeschooling version CLICK HERE.

Licensed for Single Professional Use: Assessment, learning strategies, organizational strategies, teaching recommendations, training materials, and more.

This publication offers a researched approach to accommodating neurodiverse learners as well as teacher training materials.  It also offers an assessment tool called the Student Processing Inventory (formally called the Eclectic Learning Profile).

For Teachers, Learning Specialists, Tutors & Therapists

Teachers, learning specialists, tutors, and therapists can take the assessment to discover more about themselves and expand their methods of practice. In addition, they can use this instrument to reveal comfortable and empowering compensatory strategies to teach to each of their students/clients. Private practices often use this instrument in initial consultations.  It can be utilized as an effective tool to assess family profiles so that parents can also develop empathy for their child’s unique ways of processing, and they can walk away with handouts that offer comprehensive lists of recommendations that can be implemented at school and at home. It also offers materials and support so that teachers can assess and accommodate a whole classroom of learners.  

Teachers have reported that:

It’s helpful to use eclectic approaches and incorporate many learning modalities when teaching.

It’s helpful to realize that the students’ processing styles may be different from that of the teacher.

By surveying the processing styles of a classroom at the beginning of the year, lesson plans and activities can be developed to complement the various learning strengths and styles identified in the students.

By being sensitive to the different processing styles of the classroom, more students can be taught effectively.

It’s helpful to have practical suggestions as to how to teach students with various ways of learning.

This digital download offers over 60 pages of instruction, workshop materials, handouts, and a reproducible inventory. The Eclectic Teaching Approach unites the theories of information processing, cognitive styles, multiple intelligences, and multisensory learning to reveal 12 diverse and unique ways of processing or encoding information. All of these learning modalities lie on a continuum and individuals have preferences based on their cognitive strengths as well as their exposure to each methodology. Eclectic learning helps teachers, therapists, parents, and even employers to be more mindful of their instruction and work expectations. Then, by evaluating preferences with the contained Eclectic Learning Profile, they can tailor instruction and assignments for optimal results.

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Twelve Ways of Learning
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