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"In or Out" is a dynamic digital game available for download, perfect for engaging players in a fun and stimulating comparison challenge. While suitable for all ages, it is particularly beneficial as a cognitive remedial tool, designed to bolster executive functioning skills.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Fun and Engaging: Designed to be an enjoyable game for individuals of all ages.
  • Versatile Tool: Serves both as an entertainment option and a cognitive enhancement tool.
  • Executive Functioning Skills Development:
    • Working Memory
    • Management of Distractions
    • Attention to Detail
    • Stamina
    • Response Inhibition
    • Sustained Attention
    • Mental Shifting

Target Audience

This game is especially advantageous for:

  • Students with ADHD
  • Individuals with learning disabilities
  • Those experiencing executive functioning disorders
  • Head injury patients
  • The elderly

Cognitive and Developmental Benefits

Research underscores the importance of actively developing executive functioning skills from a young age. According to the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University, nurturing these skills can yield significant lifelong benefits. Not only do these skills support academic achievement, but they also foster positive behavior and healthier decision-making. Engaging in activities like "In or Out" can strengthen mental capacities in a manner akin to physical exercise improving bodily health.

Ideal for Educational Settings

For educators seeking to incorporate executive functioning games into their classroom, "In or Out" provides a valuable resource. Click here for more classroom resources.

Enhance cognitive abilities and enjoy a fun gaming experience with "In or Out"—where learning meets play.


Each purchase is a single license, for a single teacher.  If additional teachers wish to use the product, please purchase additional copies.  Thank you!
In or Out Executive Functioning Game

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Catherine K.
Good game

Complicated, but good game for high functioning kids with executive function deficits.