Following Directions Real Numbers - Math Vocabulary

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Unlock the potential of your students with this compelling set of five activities designed to bolster language processing skills and deepen understanding of math vocabulary, especially real numbers.

Following Directions Series: Math Edition

This latest installment in the popular Following Directions Series by Dr. Warren focuses specifically on math vocabulary. It is crafted to challenge students with nuanced wording and to enhance their attention to detail, alongside other vital cognitive skills.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Engaging Content: Five fun, interactive activities that capture students' interest and make learning enjoyable.
  • Language Skill Development: Sharpens language processing abilities, essential for academic success.
  • Math Vocabulary Focus: Concentrates on crucial math concepts, including real numbers, helping students grasp complex mathematical language.
  • Cognitive Skills Enhancement: Improves a range of cognitive skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and precision in understanding instructions.

This toolkit is ideal for educators who wish to provide their students with a robust foundation in both language and math, making complex topics accessible and engaging.

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Susan M.
Love it

I am actually doing these with a child who is Afrikaans but decided to not even translate, and Voila! he loves it (which means so much when it is a 14 year old with a huge language problem!).