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What is the DysLexia Type Remedial Assessment (DLTRA) ?

The DLTRA (for ages 7+) provides a cost-effective and quick digital tool that assists parents, educators, and professionals in rapidly assessing the potential for a dyslexia diagnosis. It also categorizes the specific type of dyslexia present, and offers specific remedial strategies.

Features of the DTLRA:

  • Comprehensive DysLexia Type Identification: The DTLRA specializes in determining the specific type of dyslexia, examining areas such as auditory phonological, visual perceptual, visual surface, rapid naming, and attention-related dyslexia.

  • Detailed Reports and Remedial Resources: Each assessment produces an in-depth report that includes visual data, detailed explanations, and links to remedial resources and suggestions to help guide the remediation process.

  • Partner Portal Access: An online portal that provides advanced group analytics and data comparison is available. This portal also allows for the bulk purchase of assessments and additional functionalities to support educational and therapeutic settings.

Additional Learning Resources:

For those seeking to deepen their understanding of dyslexia, the DLTRA offers a range of educational materials and teacher training resources, to enhance knowledge and instructional practices.

Benefits of Using the DLTRA:

  • Pinpoint Reading Challenges: By identifying specific types of dyslexia, the DLTRA enables targeted intervention, making it easier for educators and therapists to address individual learning needs effectively.
  • Visual and Detailed Feedback: The visual reports and detailed feedback provided by the DLTRA help clarify the nature of the dyslexic challenges faced by individuals, facilitating a clearer path to improvement.
  • Enhanced Group Insight: The partner portal’s capabilities to analyze data across groups can significantly benefit schools and clinics by offering insights into common patterns and efficacy of interventions.

The Digital DLTRA is an essential tool for those involved in supporting individuals with dyslexia, providing essential diagnostics and resources needed for effective remediation and support.

Finding Multisensory Remedial Tools for Kids with Dyslexia:

If you are looking for fun, creative, and multisensory remedial materials, lessons, and games created for learners with dyslexia CLICK HERE or on the image.

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