Executive Functioning Test - Executive Functioning Competency Screener (EFCS)

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The Executive Functioning Competency Screener (EFCS)


Are you a teacher, a practitioner, or a parent looking for effective tools to help your students or children navigate their executive functioning challenges? Meet the Executive Functioning Competency Screener (EFCS), a revolutionary tool designed by Dr. Erica Warren, a leading educational therapist and executive functioning coach.

What is Executive Functioning?

Executive functioning, or what I call, the conductor of the brain, is the process of the mind perceiving and making sense of the information we receive from our senses. Helping us to create meaning from what we see, hear, touch, taste, and experience, executive functioning also allows us to focus our attention, self-regulate, think about new information, and make connections to prior knowledge.

The Good Sensory Executive Functioning Screener is an affordable, 20 question assessment that can help parents, teachers, and professionals quickly uncover the likelihood of executive functioning challenges. Individual items also shed light on specific difficulties that require attention. 

About the EFCS

The EFCS is a dynamic, research-based tool that targets executive functioning - a critical set of cognitive skills that enable us to plan, focus, remember instructions, and manage multiple tasks. Built upon the extensive experience and expertise of Dr. Warren, the EFCS breaks down executive functioning into four key subtypes: Working Memory, Inhibitory Control, Cognitive Flexibility, and Higher-Level EF.

Meet the Expert: Dr. Erica Warren

Dr. Warren is not just an educational therapist; she is a dedicated advocate for learners with diverse profiles. With her background in Educational Psychology, School Psychology, Specialist Education, and Adult Education, she's made it her mission to transform assessment data into actionable strategies for success. The EFCS is a testament to her dedication to bridging the gap between neuropsychological testing and practical intervention.

Features of the EFCS

The EFCS offers more than a typical screener. Recipients receive a detailed report with overall EF scores and scores for each subtype, complete with user-friendly charts, definitions, and personalized tips for improvement. Plus, users gain access to an online dashboard filled with a treasure trove of additional resources like group analytics, training videos, podcasts, and downloadable handouts.

Join the EFCS Community Today

Embark on a transformative journey towards improved executive functioning. Whether you're an educator seeking better tools to support your students, a practitioner wanting to understand your clients better, or a parent hoping to aid your child in their learning journey, the EFCS is your comprehensive solution. Explore the EFCS and unlock the power of effective executive functioning. Start today!

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