Executive Functioning Test - Executive Functioning Remediation Assessment 1 (EFRA1)

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This New Assessment Will Be Available the Summer of 2024!

The Executive Functioning Remedial Assessment (EFRA1) · Ages 5-10 · Observer Version

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Are you a teacher, a practitioner, or a parent looking for effective tools to help your students or children navigate their executive functioning challenges? Meet the Executive Functioning Remediation Assessment 1 (EFRA1), an assessment designed by Dr. Erica Warren, a leading educational therapist and executive functioning coach.  This assessment was created to define the most efficient learning approach based on the learner's individual needs.  

What is Executive Functioning?

Executive functioning, or what I call, the conductor of the brain, is the process of the mind perceiving and making sense of the information we receive from our senses. Helping us to create meaning from what we see, hear, touch, taste, and experience, executive functioning also allows us to focus our attention, self-regulate, think about new information, and make connections to prior knowledge. 

The EFRA1 is an affordable, digital, observer assessment that can help parents, teachers, and professionals quickly uncover the likelihood of executive functioning challenges for learners ages 5-10. In addition, subcategories and item analysis also shed light on specific difficulties that require attention.  

What does the EFRA1 offer?

This advanced assessment is designed to identify potential executive functioning disorders for 5-10 year olds and provides a detailed analysis of individual capabilities across the domains of working memory,response inhibition, emotional regulation, and  cognitive flexibility. 

  • Detailed Skill Analysis: The EFRA1 pinpoints specific executive functioning skills, offering valuable insights that can guide personalized remediation strategies.
  • Visual Reports and Resources: Each assessment generates a detailed report with visual data representations, clear explanations, and links to targeted remedial resources to support development.
  • Online Partner Portal: Users can request access to an interactive dashboard that offers group data, analytics, the ability to purchase assessments in bulk and more. 

This New Assessment Will Be Available the Summer of 2024!

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