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Higher Order Language Learning Bundle

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Higher-order language skills refers to the ability to summarize information, make inferences, understand multiple meanings, comprehend non-literal meanings, glean the main idea, and predict outcomes.  It goes beyond basic vocabulary, word form, and grammar skills, and it is critical to academic and social success.  

When a child has difficulty with higher-order language, the following are often observed:
  • Difficulty making connections and associations between words, sentences, or stories
  • Challenges with oral and written comprehension
  • Poor or disjointed writing skills
  • Trouble understanding jokes, riddles, and humor
  • Difficulty understanding abstract concepts
  • Trouble with figurative language and implied meaning.
    The Higher-Order Language Learning Bundle offers a selection of publications at a discount, specifically curated to enhance higher-order language skills. This comprehensive bundle includes a variety of tools tailored to different learning objectives:

    1. Hey, What's the Big Idea? - A dynamic game that engages learners in identifying main ideas and distinguishing them from supporting details, enhancing quick thinking and comprehension skills.
    2. Abstract Thinking and Multiple Meanings - This resource helps expand learners' ability to process abstract concepts and grasp words with multiple meanings, crucial for advanced language proficiency.
    3. Following Directions Intermediate - Designed to sharpen listening and comprehension skills, this tool focuses on following multi-step directions, crucial for effective communication.
    4. Word Shuffle - This advanced level of the game emphasizes mastering figurative language, offering players a challenging and interactive way to deepen their understanding of English idioms and expressions.
    5. Categorizing, Paragraph Building and Transitional Words Activities - These activities are aimed at improving organizational skills, coherence in writing, and the effective use of transitional phrases, all essential for constructing well-structured texts.
    6. Making Inferences the Fun and Easy Way - By simplifying the process of making inferences, this engaging approach helps learners conceptualize implied meaning and enhance their analytical thinking skills.

    Overall, the Higher-Order Language Learning Bundle is an invaluable resource for both educators and students aiming to strengthen their language abilities through engaging and targeted activities.

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