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Introduce your students to the dynamic world of metric conversions with "Kangaroo Hop Metric Conversion Lessons and Games." This innovative educational tool uses a multisensory, engaging approach to teach and reinforce metric conversion skills in a way that’s both fun and memorable.

Interactive Learning Features:

  • Decimal as a Ball: In this unique method, the decimal is visualized as a ball, encouraging students to "hop" it to the left or right to perform conversions, mimicking the movement of a kangaroo.
  • Guided Cartoon-Like Lessons: Engaging, visually appealing lessons guide students through the concepts of metric conversion in an understandable and enjoyable format.
  • Desk Strips: Each set includes handy strips that can be placed on students’ desks, providing visual cues and quick reference guides to aid in learning.
  • Activity and Game Materials: The publication comes complete with instructions and all necessary materials for a hands-on activity and an interactive game that consolidate learning through practical application.


  • Enhances Engagement: By turning lessons into games and visual stories, students are more likely to engage with and enjoy their learning experience.
  • Supports Various Learning Styles: The multisensory approach caters to different learning preferences, helping students understand and remember the concepts more effectively.
  • Practical and Ready-to-Use: With all materials and instructions included, educators can easily implement these lessons and activities in the classroom.

"Kangaroo Hop Metric Conversion Lessons and Games" is an excellent resource for making metric conversions accessible and exciting for students, ensuring they grasp important mathematical concepts while having a great time.


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Customer Reviews

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Ann M.

Thank you! The kids loved this activity.

Wanda M.

I love this kangaroo concept. Wish I had found it sooner. Will use next time.

Andrea B.
Thank you !!

VERY helpful to my 4th graders!