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Unlock the world of literary analysis with this enriching digital download, specifically designed to enhance students' understanding of literary devices. This resource provides a thorough overview of the 40 most essential literary devices, along with tools to differentiate between Literary Elements and Literary Techniques, and a deep dive into 16 types of figurative language.

Features of the Toolkit:

  • Detailed Handouts: Concise reviews of critical literary devices, perfect for quick reference or a comprehensive study session.
  • Color-Coded Visuals: Printable, color-coded visuals help clarify and categorize each literary device, enhancing visual learning.
  • Graphic Organizer: A well-structured graphic organizer is included to aid in the systematic study and retention of information.
  • Multisensory Activity: An engaging, multisensory activity ensures that students not only learn but also retain each literary device through interactive learning.

Interactive Learning Game:

  • Literary Device Game: This fun, educational game is designed for dual or team play, making it perfect for pairs of students or larger groups. It provides a dynamic way to reinforce the material learned and encourages collaboration and competition.

This toolkit is an invaluable resource for educators seeking to deepen students' literary knowledge and analytical skills in an interactive and memorable way. Whether used in the classroom or for individual study, this digital download offers effective tools for mastering literary devices.

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Customer Reviews

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Emily Thielen
Very helpful

Very helpful guide to helping my ELA students understand literary devices- I print these out and have my kids take notes on them.

Tamara S.

Great way to review and master figurative language.