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Dr. Warren's Mindfulness Activity Cards are designed to develop working memory and strengthen metacognition, including the inner voice and visualization skills. These cards are ideal for helping children engage in self-regulation activities that enhance their learning experiences.

Transformative Mindfulness-Based Learning Approaches

Educators and school administrators are increasingly turning to mindfulness-based methods to transform the learning environment. These techniques are proven to help both students and teachers manage stress, enhance memory, improve classroom atmospheres, sharpen focus, and foster supportive community networks. At the core of these practices are skills essential for academic and personal success: the ability to self-regulate, enhance emotional intelligence, and effectively manage both mental and physical health.

Addressing Modern Educational Challenges

In today's high-pressure educational environments, distractions such as digital devices, competitive pressures, and escalating administrative demands can trigger stress responses that hinder learning. Mindfulness practices are increasingly seen as critical tools that help mitigate these challenges, allowing students and teachers to calm their minds and bodies. Incorporating mindfulness into daily routines can significantly improve the ability to focus and engage in learning activities.

Dr. Warren's Research-Informed Tools

Created with insights from the latest research in working memory, Dr. Warren's Mindfulness Activity Cards are a valuable resource for use in both classroom and therapeutic settings. These cards are designed to bolster working memory, facilitate the development of emotional intelligence, and enhance community building. They are also effective in fostering authentic dialogue and are well-suited for use in individual therapy, round table discussions, and circle group settings.

What's Included in This Publication

This comprehensive package offers an introductory guide, 50 task cards focused on practical mindfulness exercises, and a detailed list of citations for further study. It is suitable for users aged 9 through adulthood, making it a versatile tool for a wide range of educational and therapeutic contexts.

Dr. Warren's Mindfulness Activity Cards provide a structured way to introduce effective mindfulness practices into educational settings, equipping students with the skills they need to thrive in complex academic and social landscapes.

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Customer Reviews

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Linda A.
Very Useful

I teach a course that is heavily "brain based" as it focuses on how the brain "learns." When presenting the section on "memory" I found this resource to be very helpful. Lecturing on "memory" can be dry at best. This resource allowed my students to engage in thoughtful and relative conversation about topics that we were covering in the lecture that day. I used them as a means of breaking up the content to give the students an opportunity to discuss among themselves the application of working memory, visualization etc. Very useful! Will be using these many times over!

Atoshia B.
Loved the content.

I purchased this to use with my adult clients that have brain injuries. I loved the content that was available. This is my first year being an Adult Day Treatment Supervisor. It is like teaching high schoolers with learning disabilities for those who are curious.

Laura V.

As an SLP, I was looking for some additional, EBP and methodical, but thoughtful materials/stimulus for teaching memory techniques with my TBI students. I work with students on executive functions, and this will be useful in that context as well.

Sarah D.

I have only used this once since it was a recent purchase. I incorporated an inner voice question into the Check-in that I use a couple times a week and the feedback that I got from the kids that took the time to respond was very interesting - it's always good to read their responses when they are comfortable not disclosing their thoughts to the whole class. My goal is to use this as a resource to get my students to be more comfortable with themselves and school during these stressful times.