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Mindfulness Activity Cards for Developing Working Memory: Strengthening Metacognition, the Inner Voice & Visualizations offers self regulation activities for children.

Mindfulness-based approaches to learning are getting more and more attention by teachers and administrators. These methods are helping students, as well as their teachers, learn how to manage and minimize stress, enhance memory and learning, improve classroom climates, focus attention, and even develop supportive communities. Learning to self-regulate, developing emotional intelligence, and managing both the mind and the body are at the heart of these programs.

The current high pressure, lifestyle presents constant distractions for teachers and students. Electronic devices, competitive classroom environments, increasingly invasive administrative expectations, and both real and imaginary violence, provokes a “fight-flight-freeze response” in many of us, making learning virtually impossible. So helping students learn to calm their bodies and minds with developmentally appropriate mindfulness awareness practices, can make a profound difference.

Dr. Warren’s Mindfulness Activity Cards were created based on the current research on working memory, and they can be used in classrooms or therapeutic sessions to help develop working memory capacity and build community. In addition, they can be used to teach authentic dialogue and develop emotional intelligence. They are ideal for individual sessions, round table discussions, and circle groups.

This publication offers an introduction, 50 task cards, and a comprehensive list of citations.

This publication is appropriate for ages 9 through adulthood.

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