Visual Tracking Assessment and Activities for Improved Learning

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Does Your Child Struggle to Keep Their Eyes on Track? Strengthen Reading, Spelling & More: Visual Tracking Assessment & Activities (Digital Download)

Reading fluency, following instructions, and even copying from the board – these seemingly simple tasks can become frustrating challenges for individuals with visual tracking problems. But how do you know if someone struggles with tracking? Here are some common symptoms to watch out for:

  • Reading Difficulties:
    • Loses their place frequently while reading.
    • Uses a finger or marker to guide their eyes across the line of text
    • Reads slowly and with hesitation.
    • Skips lines or words altogether.
  • Trouble Copying:
    • Has difficulty copying information from the board or a book.
    • Produces messy or inaccurate copies.
    • Takes a significantly longer time to complete copying tasks.
  • Short Attention Span:
    • Seems easily distracted by visual movement in their periphery.
    • Has difficulty focusing on a single object for extended periods.
    • May appear fidgety or restless during visually demanding tasks.
  • Handwriting Issues:
    • May struggle to maintain a straight line while writing.
    • Letters may appear unevenly spaced or sized.
    • Writing may slant or curve unexpectedly.
  • Challenges with Ball Skills:
    • May have difficulty catching objects or following the movement of a ball during sports.
    • Shows a lack of coordination when it comes to visually tracking moving objects.

If you notice several of these symptoms in yourself or your child, Visual Tracking Assessment & Activities can be a valuable tool to help! This digital download, packed with 77 engaging pages, equips you with the tools to assess, improve, and track progress in this crucial skill.

What is Visual Tracking?

Visual tracking is the ability to smoothly follow moving objects or scan across stationary text with your eyes. This skill is essential for:

  • Reading fluency
  • Spelling accuracy
  • Following instructions
  • Overall learning success

Why Choose This Resource?

  • Comprehensive Assessment: Pre and post-assessments in various difficulty levels (shapes, animals, letters, numbers) provide a clear picture of your student's baseline and growth.
  • Engaging Activities: A variety of exercises employing shapes, animals, letters, words, and numbers keep students motivated while targeting specific needs.
  • Warm-ups Included: Three eye-tracking warmups utilizing numbers and letters prime the brain and prepare students for the activities.
  • Improves Processing Speed and RAN: Activities can enhance cognitive skills like processing speed and rapid automatic naming (RAN).
  • Growth and Remediation: This unique resource combines assessments with practical activities, offering a complete solution for addressing visual tracking weaknesses.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Children with Weak Tracking Skills: This program is ideal for children struggling with visual tracking, a common issue in many learners.
  • Students with Learning Differences: Supports students with dyslexia, dyscalculia, slow processing, head injuries, autism, and ADD.
  • Educators, Therapists, and Parents: Empower teachers, tutors, occupational therapists, vision therapists, educational therapists, play therapists, and parents to help their students and children thrive.

More Than Just Tracking:

These activities go beyond visual tracking, also strengthening:

  • Processing Speed
  • Rapid Automatic Naming (RAN)
  • Attention
  • Visual Discrimination
  • Executive Functioning

Multiple Learning Formats:

  • Access activities and assessments directly on a computer or tablet for a tech-savvy approach.
  • Utilize online sessions for assessment and activity administration.
  • Print activities for traditional learning with pencils or crayons.
  • For reusable practice, purchase dry-erase pockets and use them with printed activities.

Invest in Better Learning Today!

Download Visual Tracking Assessment & Activities now and empower your child or student to develop strong visual tracking skills, leading to improved reading, spelling, and overall academic success!

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