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Tap Math: A Multisensory Approach to Basic Math Skills

Tap Math supports the way students learn basic arithmetic—addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division—by incorporating a tactile learning method that enhances both speed and accuracy. This innovative approach is designed especially for tactile learners but has proven beneficial for all students.

How Tap Math Enhances Learning

Tap Math utilizes a unique system where taps are assigned to each number, allowing students to solve math problems rapidly without the need to write down numbers or use their fingers traditionally. This method not only speeds up the calculation process but also significantly improves accuracy, making it an excellent tool for reinforcing math skills in a dynamic and engaging way. 

What’s Included in Tap Math Games and More?

  • Number Strips: These printable tools are designed to help students quickly memorize tap locations, facilitating faster and more effective learning.
  • Exercises and Activities: A variety of tasks are provided to help students master the Tap Math method through practice and repetition.
  • Game Ideas and Score Sheets: To make learning even more enjoyable, this package includes several game ideas complete with score sheets. These games transform learning into a fun and competitive activity, encouraging students to engage more deeply and improve their skills through play.

Overall, Tap Math is not just a learning tool but an empowering strategy that brings together fun and functionality to master basic math skills. Whether in a classroom or at home, Tap Math promises to make math learning accessible and exciting for everyone.

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