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The Good Sensory Learning Dysgraphia Screener

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What is Dysgraphia

Dysgraphia is a specific learning disability (SLD) or writing disorder associated with impaired handwriting, spelling, written language/composition skills, and finger dexterity (muscle movements required to write).  It often coincides with other learning difficulties such as dyslexia and developmental coordination disorder.

Dysgraphia Screener 

The Good Sensory Learning Dysgraphia Screener is based on my comprehensive, doctoral training, an extensive literature review, and over 25 years of working one-to-one with dysgraphic learners. This 20-question screener addresses the common symptoms of dysgraphia and uses a Likert scale to report answers. This quick, evaluation can be administered and scored by a parent/guardian, teacher, professional, or taken by the individual who may have dyslexia.  This will help to ascertain whether there is enough reported symptomatology to warrant formal testing.  It also helps to reveal specific difficulties so that a remedial approach can be suggested and implemented.

Are There Different Types of Dyslexia?

There are a number of distinctions or subtypes of dysgraphia.

  1. Acquired dysgraphia - results from a brain injury, disease, or degenerative condition.
  2. Developmental dysgraphia - refers to difficulties with writing as one develops.
  3. Motor dysgraphia - presents messy, slow, and often illegible handwriting as well as poor tracing and drawing skills.  They also exhibit slow finger-tapping capacities.
  4. Spatial dysgraphia - causes difficulties with visual-spatial perception and impacts drawing and the spacing of letters. 
  5. Linguistic dysgraphia (sometimes called dyslexic dysgraphia) -  impacts the written language skills required in the writing process. Spontaneous writing exhibits extra or omitted syllables or letters as well as awkward spacing, letter-sizes, and capitalization. In addition, writing is time-consuming, labored and many words can be illegible.
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