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The Ultimate, Mindful and Editable Planner/Agenda for Students with Executive Functioning Weaknesses offers a large selection of planner formats and documents that can be tailored by learning specialists, therapists and parents to create the ultimate, individualized planner/agenda that suits the needs of any learners.  This publication helps students to:

  • structure time
  • remember important materials and appointments
  • track grades
  • establish goals
  • reflect on the past
  • establish a weekday and weekend routine
  • collect the needed contacts
  • plan for upcoming events and assignments
  • improve communication between parents and teachers
  • juggle responsibilities

Because the pages were created in PowerPoint, purchasers can easily create a second copy of the publication and then quickly alter the dates, wording, design, colors, font, and images.  The publication offers both color and black and white options. 

This 73 page publication is offered as a non-editable PDF as well as an editable PowerPoint.

The Table of Contents:
Section 1: Planning Ahead
      Yearly Outlook
      Monthly Outlook
      Weekly Outlook
Section 2: Checklists and Trackers
      Book Bag Checklist
      Reminder Checklist: Home
      Reminder Checklist: School
      Grade Tracker
Section 3: Contacts
      Student Contacts
      Teacher Contacts
Section 4: Planners
      Got it Planner
      Time Master Planner
      Top Down Planner
      Day by Day Planner
      Weekly, Mindful Planner
      Daily, Mindful Planner
Section 5: Planning and Reflection
      Semester Goals
      End of Semester Reflection
      Mindful Month in a Moment
      Monthly Goals
      Weekly Goals
Section 6: Creating a Routine
      Create your Weekly Routine
      Create your Weekend Routine

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