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Does your child struggle to master vowel teams (those tricky sounds like "ai" in "rain" or "ee" in "feet")?

Vowel Combinations Made Easy is a downloadable, 46-page resource designed to make learning vowel teams engaging and effective for young learners.

Why Choose Vowel Combinations Made Easy?

  • Innovative & Multisensory Approach: This program goes beyond traditional methods by incorporating fun activities that cater to different learning styles. Engaging cartoon-like images, entertaining games, and hands-on activities will keep your child motivated and help them grasp complex concepts.

  • Memorable & Fun Learning: Forget about rote memorization! Vowel Combinations Made Easy makes learning enjoyable with a variety of activities, including:

    • Hidden Picture Fun: Students will actively search for vowel combinations hidden within pictures, making the learning process interactive and stimulating.
    • Coloring Activities: Enhance learning and retention by coloring the identified vowel teams.
    • Engaging Mazes: Navigate through mazes that reinforce vowel team recognition in a playful way.
    • Interactive Card Games & Activities: Solidify understanding with card games and other interactive activities that make learning social and engaging.
  • Targeted Practice: Vowel Combinations Made Easy focuses specifically on vowel teams, providing targeted practice to help your child master these essential reading skills.

Benefits for Your Child:

  • Improved Vowel Team Recognition: Through engaging activities, your child will develop a strong understanding of vowel teams and their sounds.
  • Enhanced Reading Skills: Mastering vowel teams is crucial for fluent reading. This program will equip your child with the skills they need to decode words confidently.
  • Boosted Confidence: The fun and rewarding learning experience will enhance your child's confidence in their reading abilities.

Get Vowel Combinations Made Easy Today!

This downloadable resource can be easily accessed and printed at your convenience. It's perfect for parents, educators, and anyone looking for a fun and effective way to help young learners master vowel teams.


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Customer Reviews

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Elizabeth S.

I used this with my son. He really enjoyed the challenges within this pack. Works well alongside literacy and phonics programmes.

Felicia B.

Have used this workbook with some of my reluctant younger readers. They have enjoyed working through the vowel teams - particularly those LD students who need the constant repetition with the visual representation. A fun activity

Julie H.
Very useful

Very useful for my job as reading specialist. I recommend, particularly for students who need repeated practice.