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Working Memory, Hemisphere Integration, and Attention Building Activities for Optimal Learning is a 54-page digital download that provides game-like activities that help learners become mindfully present, develop working memory capacity, integrate both hemispheres of the brain, improve attentional abilities and increase processing speed.

working memory activities

What is Working Memory?

Google definitions suggest that working memory is the part of short-term memory that is concerned with immediate, conscious, perceptual, and linguistic processing. It is an executive functioning skill that enables students to be present and thoughtful while in the classroom. It also helps learners to encode information as well as perform mental calculations or manipulations.

Why Use Working Memory Activities?

We live in a fast-paced society that presents constant distractions and stimuli for children to process. Additionally, many do not have the skills to activate or manage their own cognition. Dr. Warren created these engaging, game-like activities to guide students' attention, develop working memory, activate both hemispheres of the brain, and enhance sustain attention. The activities were designed based on the research concerning the Stroop Effect.

What other Publications Strengthen Working Memory?

Dr. Warren also offers simpler working memory activities as well as a discounted bundle of both publications.  Click on the following links to learn more:

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